Retail & CPG

Best experience, customization and increased margins

Four out of five consumers are willing to pay more for a product if they have a better shopping experience. And a good customer experience may result in 15% increase in a retail company’s EBITDA. Therefore, platforms that provide companies with a complete customer visualization and higher proactive behaviour are the key to success in this industry.

The Customer Journey solution allows companies to capture unstructured and dynamic data and information, such as registers, orders, consumption, frequency, service via relationship channels, litigation, ombudsman, receiving, cancellation, reactivation, among others. With this, they can meet a variety of business models with different prices and revenue modes; consider restrictions, such as rules and trade agreements, legal and regulatory aspects; and enrich data from external sources or even automated contacts with customers. For the financial aspects, Revenue Journey eliminates information incompatibility-related risks and ensures on-time billing, shortening the receivable cycle.