Over 90% of the data organizations deal with comes from so-called digital transformation either in real time or in the form of information generated by IoT devices, sensors, robots, cameras, social media, APIs, text, images, video, audio and scanned documents that need to be stored and processed continuously. Dom Rock platform is designed to meet this unprecedented need based on its intelligent algorithms and the ability to generate fast and continuous responses to business operations.

Capture to transformation

Data are captured in its original form without prior transformation. Therefore, Dom Rock operational intelligence platform implements classification mechanisms and extraction and storage processes under the business semantics.

Elaboration and storage of the captured data

The original data vary enormously in terms of volume, frequency and speed and also need to be identified and stored for later use. Dom Rock operational intelligence platform performs the orchestration of all the features without the need for any user intervention. The identified and mapped data associated with their original attributes are distributed in structures ready for subsequent processing, while are available for visualization in a repository with the appropriate date, time, user records, among other information.

Digital Journey

Digital Journey is the intelligent algorithm that extracts relevant business information from the original data. The algorithm operates on pre-processing layers containing, for example, images, text, PDF, tables, documents, audio, video, among other categories. The result is a data set mapped and properly stored.

Data Framer

Data Framer is the intelligent algorithm that applies unification, integrity, sorting, similarity, natural language processing models and other techniques for a more elaborate data use. It is ready to meet one of the key business, productivity and assertiveness challenges, all based on data integrity.

Digital Thinking

Digital Thinking is the intelligent algorithm that applies sophisticated mechanisms for automated decisions built on business logic-based rules and parameters. It is designed to meet the organizations’ demand for more autonomy in operational areas that, in turn, require higher customization level without relying on complex tools

Omni Data

Omni Data is the intelligent algorithm that correlates variables, as well as crosses, organizes and verifies integrity among multiple existing data sources based on business semantics. It is designed to correlate and cross data from different structures such as audio interpretation using result tables or external streaming volume using legacy batch. These cross-references are based on business logics defined by the user with full autonomy.


Dom Rock platform is developed to add complementary data to the organizations’ operational context via automation and integration mechanisms. It enables them to interact with customers via automated digital channels, integrate with workflow tools, unify information from external environments, such as social media and other legacy system applications.

Business Publishing

Every structured and unstructured data processing environment always need a way of access, distribution and visualization – or, in other words, information consumption
through simple mechanisms like context searching and flexible integration with various tools. Dom Rock operational intelligence platform provides standard web application, API or connectors to allow the third-party tools to leverage information and generate reports.


One of the major challenges in the digital age is dealing with data processing principles and regulations, mainly sensitive and private data. Dom Rock operational intelligence platform is designed considering the proper use of customer data always following the legal and regulatory requirements as well as the best practices aiming for excellence in data governance.